Sacred Intimacy Coaching for Fulfilling Intimacy

Private sessions to transform personal issues and to find and deepen intimacy.

Pain, injuries, no erection, stress, frustration, fear of pregnancy, infections? You name it!

Find ways to communicate from your heart and bridge gender differences.

  • No pressure to perform to make him or her happy
  • Fulfilling lovemaking without intercourse
  • Learn to listen to your body versus your biological drive

You may book sessions together or individually.

This session is for you

  • You would like to heal from sexual trauma
  • You would like to uplift yourself from social conditions around sexuality
  • You like to thrive in your energy flow of sexual expression slowing down the process

Free Conversation

Book a free conversation or send me a note sharing a bit about your and what you are looking for.

Be supported

  • In your sexual healing process
  • In expanding your capacity for tantric energy flow
  • In understanding the difference of hot sex and deep connected intimacy

A session may include

  • Clearing of tantric energy channels
  • Breathing practices
  • Time to feel deep within

Session details

The session content confidential. Where we take it in your process of healing and/or upscaling to tantric intimacy is up to you. You are the compass for where we go. You might receive chakra clearing practices and breathing exercises. There might be time to heal with emotions pouring out. I can share practices from my model of Sacred Intimacy. We will stay within your comfort zone while expanding your capacity to love more deeply.

24-hour cancellation policy: Full payment is required if a session is missed or canceled within less than 24 hours before the appointment.

What a private session looks like

We start out with a conversation about what’s on your mind, your emotional concerns and dreams to come true. We may continue with art, dance, meditation and energetic adjustments in your system. You may receive personal or partner practices. We round up the session with a quiet moment to integrate.


“I want to say how meaningful and impactful the last session was for me. I was able to get in touch with my emotions in a way that allowed me to feel supported in my process.” Lisa, CA


One- hour via phone/video call $150
One-hour in person $175

Sessions may include energy work. Several hour sessions are possible. Remote sessions while you are asleep for personal healing are optional.

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