The Art of Gratitude

Gratitude as a State of Being

Learn gratitude practices!

Expand from reciprocal gratitude to transpersonal gratitude!

Transform a hirachical perspective into how can I be of service!

Beyond forgiveness – a field of gratitude!

Gratitude seems to be an outcome of experiences of awakening. Yet, it can also help to integrate. Compassion and forgiveness accompany the path into more gratitude.

We will address your specific questions. On application only.

I am dedicated to support you to follow your soul’s calling. This is an empowerment program to guide you home to your own true essence.

Gratitude encounters can happen any moment any time. Join this video conference coaching group with monthly calls.

Highly recommended for professionals!


“Devi is an amazing teacher. She is truly living what she is teaching. Her example of how she lives her life and pours love into her connections and relationships is an amazing example and has deeply inspired me. I honor her way of being, how she guides sessions, meditations and trains future practitioners. Thank you so much for your work and dedication.”
Carmen Orozco, Mexico
“The soothing  music and great overlays of this Dolphin dance was very nurturing and placed me deeply into a very soulful Heart Space. Thank you dear Devi!”
Miriam Lichtenstein, Mount Shasta, CA

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Inquire into details of the training and if it is a fit for your evolution as a practitioner. Send in your application.

Some of the subjects covered are

Monthly Group Coaching Calls

You will
– Find peace within
– Encounter like-minded people
– Enhance your authentic presence

Some of the tools you will learn:
– Being present in your body
– Meditation practices
– Shifting your attitude to gratitude


Investment $40 per call.
1-hour video conference call per month.