Multi-dimensional Perception Practitioner Training
Level 3

Find Mastery as a Multi-dimensional Perception Practitioner

Rest in love and gratitude as a state of being!

Transform past trauma!

Learn Marketing with Integrity!

Moving through mainstream with ease!

This training is for the purpose of accelerating spiritual growth in yourself and your clients, after having taken level 1+2, attaining mastery your intuitive perceptions of clairvoyance, clairaudience, intuition, and channeling healing energy. You will open and deepen your abilities. The program is not for the purpose of going deeply into psychic phenomena. It is a path toward wholeness, Oneness, and becoming consciously responsible for aligning with your Divine Destiny and connection with God/Goddess/All That Is.

This training is specifically to enhance your intuition, be in your own higher alignment and powerfully hold space for your clients. I will guide you specifically how you can enhance your offer, clear negative energies out of the space and consciously raise the frequencies in your body and your office space. This includes appropriate self-clearing in preparation for the multidimensional work. This training is based on Multi-dimensional work and my 35 years of movement/somatics and intense inner spiritual work. You will learn how to read energies and consciously work with them.

We will address your specific questions. On application only.

I am dedicated to support you to follow your soul’s calling. This is an empowerment program to guide you home to your own true essence.

Certification training
14-day intensive summer 2020
Includes one personal session for free.

Level 1-3 available. Each level is a 14-day intensive. Levels can be taken separately or altogether within 6 weeks. Take a look at level 1 and level 2.

“Devi is an amazing teacher. She is truly living what she is teaching. Her example of how she lives her life and pours love into her connections and relationships is an amazing example and has deeply inspired me. I honor her way of being, how she guides sessions, meditations and trains future practitioners. Thank you so much for your work and dedication.”
Carmen Orozco, Mexico
“The soothing  music and great overlays of this Dolphin dance was very nurturing and placed me deeply into a very soulful Heart Space. Thank you dear Devi!”
Miriam Lichtenstein, Mount Shasta, CA

Contact Dr. Xian

Inquire into details of the training and if it is a fit for your evolution as a practitioner. Send in your application.

Some of the subjects covered are

Module 1

You will
– Create a safe container
– Learn how to handle money with integrity
– Find approaches for bridging worlds

Some of the tools you will learn:

Clear contracts/agreements with clients
Spiritual Marketing
Putting yourself out there
Practice being seen

Module 2

You will
– Be more comfortable facing yourself
– Connect to your guides
– Differentiate your inner voice from general thoughts

Some of the tools you will learn:

Excerpts from the Course of Love
Trusting a higher Source
Go deep into meditation
Build commitment to stay true to yourself

Module 3

You will
– Learn how to handle addictions
– Reduce self-judgements
– Know your needs and how to set them aside for seeing clients

Some of the tools you will learn:

Clearing addiction patterns
Seeing behavior patterns
Identifying a victim mode
Transform jealousy

Module 4

You will
– Learn the art of compassion
– Practice gratitude as a way of being

Some of the tools you learn:

Finding forgiveness
Going beyond forgiveness
Gratitude practices

Module 5

You will
– Understand sovereignty
– Care for your body and your client’s
– Bridge embodiment and higher frequencies

Some of the tools you learn:

Interfacing with mainstream
Handling “not fitting in”
Healthy diet / Veganism / Organic food
Shifting sexuality to a higher vibration

Module 6

You will
– Find completion
– Leap into your mastery

Some of the tools you will learn:

Next steps into building a practice
Practice seeing paying clients
Video recording tips


Investment $2800 for all 6 modules of level 1, 14-day immersion.
This includes one personal coaching / light work session during the training.
For those affected financially by Covid sliding scale $1400 – $2800.

Read about Level 1 and Level 2