Meditation Guidance

Meditation is the ultimate stillness of the mind-field. Would you like to discover such stillness within?

You are never too busy to meditate!

  • Come down to zero
  • Find moments of serenity
  • Focus your mind
  • Prepare your body so meditation becomes easy

Susheela will teach you to meditate and how to integrate meditation into your daily personal and professional life.

Learn to enjoy having a sitting meditation practice on a busy day!

Be Focussed – Be Still – Be Serene

Contact Dr. Xian to learn more about remote meditation sessions, in which she will transmit light frequencies into your energy body while you are meditating. This session will raise your overall frequency and make your meditation practice easier.

This session is for you

  • You are committed
  • You long for stillness
  • You need a break from your mind

Free Conversation

Send me an e-mail to have a free conversation about phone/Skype session(s) or personal intensives one-on-one with Dr. Xian.

Be supported

Dr. Xian will support you to shift to your next level of consciousness through creating awareness and stillness of mind. There are several pathways into that deep stillness. The path may vary according to your needs. Dr. Xian is initiated to guide each person in their unique pathway of meditation.

  • Be in a loving compassionate container
  • Receive clear guidance
  • Find the meditation practice that suits you

Dr. Xian offers individual sitting meditation guidance from the ancient Vedic and Buddhist tradition, Yogic techniques. She is also trained in offering movement as preparation for meditation.

On this path of stilling our minds, we will have to face everything that has been stored in our subconscious. This can be quite overwhelming at times. Dr. Xian offers guidance on how to pass through all the happenings of emotions that are surfacing. Individual coaching can be a great support at such times.

A session may include

  • Meditation techniques
  • Somativ awareness
  • Movement as preparation
  • Breathwork

Session details

A phone/Skype session lasts 60 or 90 minutes. If you prefer longer sessions please inquire with Dr. Xian. It is often useful to book a series of sessions in a longterm commitment. Each session might have a different emphasis while focusing on the desired transformation of the overall arch. Personal Intensives are two hours minimum and may last 10 days of 6 hours per day. They are a powerful way to create change in life patterns. Ask me for an individual package.

24-hour cancellation policy: Full payment is required if a session is missed or canceled within less than 24 hours before the appointment.

What a private session looks like

We start out with a conversation about what matters to you in your life and your present commitments or challenges. I will guide you to your own answers from within through a variety of questions.

The session may be based on direct meditation guidance or dependent on your nature might explore a unique mode of dropping into meditation that is personal to you. In my experience meditation works best if the practitioner is in love with the pathway. I will offer you a pathway into meditation that is easy for you to fall in love with and take on as a daily practice.

Meditation practices are useful tools for more serenity in life, to prepare yourself for important meetings, public speeches, meeting with clients, or handling your kids. It may include somatic awareness practices and movement that support you to identify the cues of your body and find more ease and relaxation. A session may include energy work.

If you would like I will also support you to identify socially created tendencies that no longer serve you and your community and suggest practices that will enable you to build new strength, standing up for what matters to you, a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle.

The session will complete with a conversation about your insights, action steps, and affirmations for the manifestation of your dreams.


“I have done a variety of practices over the past 20 years, and have just experienced an amazing and profound energetic flow with Dr. Xian’s work. Susheela is really on to something awesome.”
Lisa, Mt. Shasta, CA