Leadership Presence – Enhance Your Leadership

Changer your leadership from within by changing your presence!

  • Align your profession with your innermost calling
  • Be yourself at work

Our approach is based on Yogic principles to reconnect you to your authentic and intuitive self. Leadership means bringing reason and intuition together for decision making. Learn how to bridge your brain accessing more potential. We support you to find approaches for dis-ease within your own system, finding outdated beliefs, tendencies, and habits including diet, and supporting changes to find more balance.

  • Handle stress and inquiries, staying serene
  • Return to focus in moments
  • Be relaxed in your body under pressure
  • Balance a high-demanding job and family/relationship
  • Learn tricks and tips to prepare for meetings
  • Establish personal connections in moments

Dedicating yourself to your inner transformation with sincerity will shift the level of consciousness from which you live your professional life and lead yourself and others.

Transform into the leader you always wanted to be!

Be Personal – Be Authentic – Be Intuitive

This session is for you

  • You are ready to inquire into your habits
  • You would like to find more ease in your days
  • You are interested in meditative practices

Free Conversation

Send me an e-mail to have a free conversation about phone/Skype session(s) or personal intensives one-on-one with Dr. Xian.

Be supported

Devi will support you to shift to your next level of leadership through creating awareness and change of your personality patterns. She will intuitively tune in to ask questions and offer practices to support your curve of transformation.

  • Be in a confidential container
  • Experience serenity
  • Discover new approaches beyond typical business strategies

A session may include

  • Meditation
  • Somativ awareness
  • Life plan
  • In-depth inquiry
  • Changing personal tendencies

Session details

A phone/Skype session lasts one or two hours. If you prefer longer sessions please inquire with Dr. Xian. It is often useful to book a series of sessions in a long-term commitment. Each session might have a different emphasis while focusing on the desired transformation of the overall arch. Personal Intensives are two hours minimum and may last 10 days of 6 hours per day. They are a powerful way to create change in life patterns. Ask me for an individual package.

24-hour cancellation policy: Full payment is required if a session is missed or canceled within less than 24 hours before the appointment.

What a private session looks like

We start out with a conversation about what matters to you in your personal and professional life and your present commitments or challenges. I will guide you to your own answers from within through a variety of questions. We will look at the overall arch of your session goal within each session and over the time period we work together.

The session is inquiry-based to find your own truth. If you would like I will also support you to identify socially created tendencies that no longer serve you and your community and suggest practices that will enable you to build new strength, standing up for what matters to you, a positive outlook and a healthy lifestyle. A session may include meditation practices. Such can enhance your focus, serenity, and be utilized for meeting preparations.

The session will complete with a conversation about your insights, action steps, and affirmations for the manifestation of your goals.


“You have been helping me embody leadership and that is making a difference in my relationships and in my life. I appreciate your emphasis on authenticity. I have deep gratitude for the profound breakthrough.”  Shanti, Mt. Shasta, CA