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Dolphin Movement® is an intuitive movement approach integrating lightwork.
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The Poetry of Dance

Transform your inner and outer relationship to the world

In this workshop we’ll create poetry that we will take into movement for the sake of shifting energies on this planet.

Violence is out of date. Love is the answer.

There should be righteousness, not fear + sacrifice of immigrants. Justice would be fair. Sex-trafficking – time to run away. Hope needs to be spread,not guilt of victims.

What can be done? – Spreading love.

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Art, poetry, dance, change energetics for this planet and within

Fluid Dreaming

The Dream in Poetry and Dance

Change Reality by Changing Your Dreams

This workshop The Dream of Poetry in Dance led by Dr. Devi Prem, draws on two art forms to interpret and express significant dreams. The imaginary world of poetry will create a bridge to the expressive movement of dance. Participants will interpret their own dream, being witnessed by a partner. This creates the skill of dream interpretation while being honored and welcomed by another. This fun exploration of the dream world allows creative ways to look at a dream from different perspectives with an invitation of embodied re-dreaming for potential change.

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Personal Sessions

Personalized coaching sessions include movement, poetry, or dreamwork.

Be ready to be transformed through sessions and workshops with Devi.

Movement Coaching

Combining Dance and Lightwork in a Personalized Session

Dolphin Movement is especially suitable for movement after injuries to find joy in life and movement again. If you are a dancer, know you can dance again, your own way.

Move with what feels good.

Express held emotions and transform them into compassion.

Move as if no one witnesses you. Find joy within.

Renewed Love for Dance after Injury or Trauma

This approach is especially suitable after injuries or trauma to find joy in life and movement again. If you are a dancer, know you can dance – your own way. Dance in this context is an approach to find ease in the body, balance the psyche, live from the soul and heal the heart.

Personalized movement coaching sessions are available to trust your inner Divine flow.

Be ready to be transformed through sessions and workshops with Devi.

Trusting Yourself

You should also know…

Physical and emotional pain can be transformed through creative expression and transformational coaching.

Training and Coaching for Healthcare Professionals and Personal Intensives available. Read more or give me a call.

Move as Never Before Trusting Yourself

  • Be transformed
  • Find joy
  • Release stuck emotions

There is a World Inside of You that Would Like to Be Expressed

Workshop Samples to Produce in Your Area

I am dedicated to your transformation and evolution of self and hold a high frequency for change in your life to happen.

Are you ready for…

  • Clarity without effort
  • Dedicated mind, gentle body
  • Intuition and synchronicity
  • Being feminine in a masculine world.

As a woman, you know that the emancipation movement of having to be masculine to fit in has not fulfilled your soul.

As a man you know that the feminine attribute of intuition and feeling has been very valuable in your life.

There is a path of balancing both the feminine and masculine within. To relax into your essential nature. There is space for being in your heart and having compassion, making decisions out of intuition, while keeping your clarity, giving instructions and guiding others.

As a unique being, you know that when you trust your heart and intuition, being your best as a coach.

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