• Crystalline Lightwork Courses

    Learn the Art of Multi-Dimensional Existence

Crystalline Lightwork Practitioner Courses

Multi-Dimensional Perception (MDP) Certification Course

This is a training course to become a practitioner in multi-dimensional perception. It’s a two week course per level. Level 1-3 are available. Please, contact me if you are interested, telling a little bit about your background and interests. I am currently establishing a waiting list, one for the US West-Coast and one for Northern Germany.

Meditation Certification

Learn how to sit comfortably in meditation. Experiment with various meditation techniques to suit your personality and life-style.

Dream Study Group

Enjoy sharing your dreams and discovering insights your dreams are sending to you. You might be asked to create art, write poetry or express movement. Have pen/crayons and art paper ready as well as your journal.

This is a unique approach to dream study following the direction of flow and the energetics of dreams.