Code of Ethics – Preamble

CFIT L.L.C. and Dr. Xian Prem are dedicated to providing pathways into the inner knowing of the self. This is offered through transformative coaching and intuitive lightwork session, as well as guidance into meditation, movement meditation/dance, creative ways, and intimacy.

Part One: Definitions

  • Leadership Coaching: Leadership coaching supports the client to embody a leadership presence in which a new state of being is shaped.
  • Spiritual Coaching / Life Coaching: Spiritual Coaching/Life Coaching focuses on supporting the client to get in touch with their soul essence and through deep inquiry find their own inner wisdom and motivation to reach their personal and professional goals. The coach supports the process, helps to create awareness, and holds space for clients to enhance their potential.
  • Intuitive Healing: Intuitive Healing is a combination of Spiritual Coaching and sending light frequencies into the client’s energy field supporting them to take the desired actions more easily through the support of the raised frequencies.
  • Consulting: Consultancy is offering advice in a particular field. A variety of scenarios may be talked through.
  • Mentoring: Mentoring is training in an area of expertise with guidance in personal growth.
  • Therapy: Therapy is the treatment of mental or psychological disorders by psychological means. CFIT L.L.C. nor Devi Prem offer therapy. Please, consult with your doctor.
  • Meditation: Meditation is defined as a one-pointed focus. Several guided options are being offered to suite different life-styles.
  • Movement Meditation / Dance: The participant, client, or home practitioner receives guidance and support to find their own authentic movement style that leads them deeper into their true self.
  • Intimacy: Intimacy programs contain somatic awareness, communication skills, and tantric meditation practices. These are created for intimacy with self as well as intimacy with a partner.
  • Online Programs: Dolphin Movement online programs offer transpersonal pathways into the self. They are meant for self-exploration at home. These programs may include time with nature, creative expression, writing, music, and others.
  • The client or participant enters into a legal agreement and conscious choice. In case of online purchase of training and home study programs, clicking the submit button replaces the written contract. The responsibility of participation and actions are taken stays within the client or participant.
  • Client: A client is a person receiving a one-on-one session.
  • Participant: A participant is a person joining a group process, class, workshop, or retreat.
  • Trainee: Person being trained to become a practitioner or facilitator.
  • Coach: Person conducting coaching or healing sessions.
  • Facilitator: Person holding space for group processes and events.
  • Trainer: Person training practitioners or facilitators in training.

Part Two: Standards of Ethical Conduct

Section 1: Professional Conduct in General:

  1. Services are being provided independently of age, gender, race, sexual orientation, nationality, cultural background, religion, or disability.
  2. All client and participant data including electronic files are never given out, safely stored, and treated absolutely confidential, unless otherwise required by law or with given permission.
  3. All developed material has been uniquely created for Dolphin Movement. Some of the content is based on ancient wisdom traditions.
  4. When research is being conducted it will be done under the recognized scholarly standards of the USA. A separate agreement will be established.
  5. In case any conflict arises, there will be immediate honest conversations. Appropriate actions will be taken if necessary.
  6. In case of a legal dispute Jackson County, Oregon shall be the only proper venue.

 Section 2: Coaching and Group Facilitation:

  1. The space for coaching and group facilitation is set with a sacred intention.
  2. Truth, respect, dignity, loving kindness, meditative awareness is the base for all actions and communications
  3. The coach or facilitator holds the space in unconditional love and compassion, and without any judgment.
  4. The innate divinity and wisdom of clients and participants are being honored and encouraged to shine forth.
  5. Clients and participants are supported to be autonomous and self-responsible.
  6. We hold a high commitment for clients and participants to transform into the best they can be.
  7. The clients and participants are the center point of any session or group event.
  8. Group events, workshops, and retreats are participant-centered while holding the overall group
  9. The whole curve of transformation is consciously held.
  10. The goal of the client or participant is kept in mind even if the process is moving in what appears like a circle.
  11. The clients and participants are being supported holistically, including body, mind, heart, soul, and energy bodies.
  12. Tools are being applied as viewed as appropriate to support the process. This might include meditation, movement, dance, somatic awareness, creative art, toning, singing, or connection to nature to name a few.
  13. The coach or facilitator strives to be fully present in the moment coming from a place of inner alignment.
  14. The coach or facilitator listens with care and full attention to the client or group process.
  15. Deep processes of transformation are welcomed.
  16. The inner knowing and wisdom of the client or participant are encouraged.
  17. Honesty and authenticity are of highest value for both the clients or participants and the coach or facilitator.
  18. Extra support is available if the client or participant reaches out.

Section 3: Professional Conduct with Clients and Participants:

  1. The potential value for the coaching process or group participation is being addressed honestly as far as the coach and facilitator can foresee the process.
  2. We strive to obtain full clarity about the nature of the coaching model and process and group teachings, financial arrangements, and any other terms of the agreement.
  3. All sessions have a clear session agreement.
  4. All group events are subject to a waiver agreement.
  5. Sensitivity to cultural differences and personal boundaries and supporting personal boundary setting if sensitivity arises for interactions with other participants or with the coach/facilitator.
  6. No sexual or romantic contact between the coach/facilitator and client/participant throughout the time of the sessions and group participation and for a minimum of two years after. If necessary the agreement may be canceled.
  7. There will be no use of mind-altering substances in sessions or group facilitation.
  8. Respect the right of the client or participant to terminate the sessions or participation at any point during the process.
  9. Encourage the client or participant to not renew the agreement if there is a perceived change in value received. Encourage the client or participant to seek services from another professional or resource if it seems appropriate.

Section 4: Confidentiality/Privacy:

  1. We maintain the strictest level of confidentiality possible from our side with all client and participant information unless release is required by law.
  2. At the beginning of each group facilitation, all participants of the group are being asked to commit to confidentiality. Participants are encouraged to only share up to their personal comfort level and not beyond.

Section 5: Continuing Development:

  1. CFIT L.L.C. with its owner Xian Prem is committed to transformation and continued research. This means that some of the offered content may evolve and transform over time.
  2. The founder and owner Xian Prem is committed to continuing personal development, daily spiritual practices, and her continued personal evolutionary journey, which in return will impact the teachings and provided sessions and programs.

Part Three: Extension of Ethics:

  1. CFIT L.L.C. and Xian Prem also hold a responsibility to the Code of Ethics of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), the 5Rhythms Teachers Association (5RTA) and the Association of Massage Therapists and Bodyworkers (ABMP).

We acknowledge and agree to honor our legal obligations and the above ethics to our clients and participants, colleagues, to the community, and the public at large. We agree to honor our planet Earth.

CFIT L.L.C and Xian Prem Copyright 2021