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“Devi emanates natural compassion, a peace and brilliant clarity through her voice, questions, and guidance. All of her practical suggestions were easily implemented showing immediate success. Anyone will be very blessed to be with Devi, benefiting from her skills and her ability to demonstrate true Presence. I whole-heartedly recommend her supportive services to everyone I meet.”

Liz WinterhawkWinterhawk Animal Consultations, Mt. Shasta, CA

“Devi has immensely supported me to find more clarity within as well as for my life’s path. She has helped me very much to get more easily in touch with the voice of my heart and my inner longing. Furthermore, Devi has supported me to accept and value my being with all its aspects. In and after every session I felt myself energetically lifted and inspired. Thank you very much, Devi, for your valuable work!”


“I celebrate your emphasis on authenticity. You have been helping me embody leadership and that is making a difference in my relationships and in my life. I appreciate your emphasis on authenticity. I have deep gratitude for the profound breakthrough in my movement.  Something in me broke free and I experienced movement in a way I have witnessed in another but never thought possible for myself.”

ShantiMount Shasta, CA

“My experience with Devi Prem was life-changing, and I’ve seen many healers over a 20-year period. She had high degree of skill in advanced technologies that is beyond anything I’d ever experienced… And perhaps what was most touching and effective was her purity of spirit and high degree of integrity in her work. I highly recommend her to anyone who has the opportunity for a session and/or training, and sent one of my clients to her.
Waves of Gratitude pour from my innermost heart to yours….Abundant Blessings!”

Kirti Kirtaye

“I naturally felt a high level of safety and trust in Devi’s presence. The way she combined my intentions with her approach to healing and coaching facilitated a very deep healing in my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.”

Lisa DianeLucid Design, Ashland, OR

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Phone/Skype Sessions

Sessions via phone or Skype can go very deep as you have the opportunity to be in your chosen spot, allowing for the most comfort. In addition, this allows you to spend ample time resting and contemplating after each session without needing to get into your car. This said, it is good to allow extra time for yourself in addition to the booked session, A session may last 60 or 90 minutes.

During a session, Devi will support you to meet your goals. Setting intentions, accountability, and reviving or adding personalized practices into your life builds the core of a session. For utmost success, Devi will support you to surmount any obstacles to reach your desired outcome. Thrive!

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Personal Intensive

Allow in-person time with Devi to transform your life. Who we are and how we perceive our life can be changed by changing patterns within. The tranquility and presence of Devi offer you to relax into who you are.

Somatic bodywork can enhance emotional clearing. Time for contemplation, conversations, and guided practices will inform the personalized extended sessions. Change your life by changing within.

A personal intensive may last 2 hours to 6 hours per day for several days. This can be intervowen into a personalized retreat. You may travel to Ashland, OR or Mount Shasta, CA or I may come to your place. Have a first conversation to get to know my approach. Ask me for a personal package!

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Change your life by changing within

Have a first conversation to
get to know my approach.

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