Allow Your Children to Shine

Your children have gifts that they have come to Earth with. They have perceptional skills that are beyond our conditioned mind. I am dedicated to support you  nourishing the gifts and perceptions your children have brought into your life. Your children are the generation to rebuild this Earth into a wonderful place to live in. It’s important to nurture and enhance the gifts they are bringing to do so.

Being a parent can be exhausting. I understand. It’s also a joy. Talk to me what’s challenging and we will see if I can bring some light into your home.

Ask me for a personal session to support your self-care
or to come to your home and spend time with your children.

Being Playful

Children are naturally playful. It’s on us adults to direct their playfulness into holistic development and learning approaches.

  • Turning daily drama into creative play
  • Keeping curiosity open
  • Introducing the attention game

Creative expression can be a way for insights and inside awareness for psychological growth as well as outward expression. I am bridging healing approaches with art and performance. Hence drama, dance, painting and other art forms can be included in a young person’s growth. Ego patterns can be addressed in a performance style and made aware to a child to show inappropriate behavior and appropriate behavior in social circumstances.

Soul Expression

Finding Balance

Balancing Family and Self-Care

Let me spend time with your kids so you can have couple or personal time.

Or I can help you find playful activities that you can enjoy doing with your children.

  • Art
  • Dance
  • Music
  • Nature

I am including the path of awakening in children’s education. This includes playful meditation practices, mindfulness, somatic awareness, times of silence, and focus games. I also include a transformational form of movement meditation that emphasizes listening to and trusting the body.

Knowing when you need time out for yourself.

I am here to help you find joyful play with your children and to arrange time for yourself.

7Seeds® of Children’s Education

Dr. Xian holds the intention of allowing your children to be playful and shining their light onto this world. She applies her transformational development model of 7Seeds® to Children’s Education. It is a Model of Human Potential based on the idea that we are embodied spiritual beings that have the capacity for change and self-leadership. This approach to Children’s Education includes keeping the spirit of the child alive and active in its imagination.

  1. Ground, the body and its connection to Earth,
  2. Clarity of mind and its psychological growth,
  3. Center using breath and centering practices like yoga to reach inner alignment,
  4. Connection of the Heart, self-love and compassion,
  5. Essence of the Soul, using toning of one’s innate sound vibrate and voice as personal expression,
  6. Synchronicity for perception and awareness of energy between people and potential disembodied beings,
  7. Being, the awakened being of nondual existence found in silence.

The basic texts used for teacher guidelines will be the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, Sri Aurobindo’s The Life Divine and Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi.

Research on Transcendence and Gratitude

My research in self-transcendence and gratitude shows that it is possible to have an awakened state of consciousness as one’s new plateau. It also shows that people who live at such a plateau live in gratitude at all times as a state of being or as a Maori participant said “Gratitude is life-force”. It would be nice to infuse such wisdom into children early on.

Gratitude can shift your state of well-being

  • Dreams
  • Angels
  • Fairies

Keeping the Imaginary World Alive

Research has shown that people have become aware of messages of disembodied beings, guidance and out of body experiences. Children naturally embrace such experiences. As there are adult spiritual support groups to feel comfortable sharing such spiritually transformative experiences, I would like to offer the route that during a child’s upbringing such non-ordinary experiences are not being suppressed or made at fault. This way the child can keep it’s natural perception and intuition trusting it’s innermost core. Even if imagined it can support the child’s confidence.

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