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Hi, my name is Devi Prem.
I am dedicated to supporting you and your clients in integrating transcendent experiences. I offer personal transformative coaching sessions for somatic awareness and meditation. This will enhance your presence, transformation, and leadership potential.

I help create meaning and making a difference. Areas you might like to work on

  • Leadership Presence
  • More Connection
  • Feeling Empowered
  • Changing Career Path

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Dr. Xian Prem is the founder and owner of CFIT. She combines her background in business with her dedicated spiritual practices. She worked in the corporate world in controlling/accountant as well as her own marketing company in Germany. She taught meditative approaches to her employees and at conferences followed by years of teaching yoga, meditation, and dance internationally. Dr. Xian developed the transformational development model CFIT®.

She currently resides on the US West Coast. Her purity and essence shine through her presence. She is here to support you. Talk to Devi about how your life and business can serve a higher purpose.

See her bio for her academic and spiritual path or feel embraced by her personal story.

The ancient text on yoga, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali states in sutra I.33, The purification (clarity, or joyfulness) of the mind (is gained) by cultivating love, compassion, joy and equanimity, respectively, in relation to (those who are happy, good and evil)” (Arya in Zambito, 1992, p. 75). Such cultivation of love, compassion, joy, and equanimity can bring inner balance towards ones life choices and acceptance of other’s life choices, no matter if they are in alignment with mainstream behaviors or not. The significance of the teachings of Leadership of Divine Nature is to raise consciousness into more loving kindness, joy, compassion, and mindfulness. This is offered through practices of meditation, creative expression, and forgiveness approaches.

CFIT® Transpersonal Development Model

The CFIT® was developed and taken into case studies by the founder Dr. Xian Prem. CFIT® offers a pathway into transcendence as well as ways to ground such into the body. Take Leadership of Your Life by Living from Your Essence.

The CFIT® isa pathway through an embodied meditation practice leading into a state of meditation from which to lead your life and others. The teachings became clear to me in meditation while being in India. I have since explored them through pilot studies and my personal practice. My background is based on Executive Leadership Training, ancient Himalayan Meditation Practices, and Expressive Arts through Movement, while currently being in a Ph.D. program in psychology.

Rhythm 7

Transcendence of the manifest world can only be tapped into and not taught. Rhythm 7 is permeating all of the rhythms. You are light. Stay tuned for my upcoming silent retreats.

Transpersonal Development Model in Detail

It is a pathway through fields of consciousness linked to ancient East-Asian wisdom teachings based on Samkhya Philosophy and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali.

  1. Rhythm: Ground – Earth –  Embodiment of your authentic self, moving through society while keeping your ground > Prerequisite: Authenticity
  2. Rhythm: Clarity – Ego  – Clarity of who you are and what you stand for, moving while keeping your length > Prerequisite: Focus
  3. Rhythm: Center -Witness – Centering between source and earth, staying centered in the midst of chaos around you, staying centered in the midst of chaos within you > Prerequisite: Dignity
  4. Rhythm: Connection – Love – Connecting to your own heart and from there connecting with others, moving with width, creating community > Prerequisite: Intention
  5. Rhythm: Essence– Soul (Atma) – Resting in your soul essence and expressing your mission, knowing-ness from within, no thinking needed, moving with depth, breath and movement merge, expressing yourself through voice > Prerequisite: Love
  6. Rhythm: Synchronicity – Energy – Finding intuition and sensing the field, being tuned into the web of the mystery, trusting and following your inner guidance, allowing synchronicity > Prerequisite: Prayer
  7. Rhythm: Being – Void (Brahma) – Beyond explanation. A place of deep stillness within and the source of all creation. Exploring Meditation. Trusting the connection to a Higher Force. > Prerequisite: Humility

I see them like fields, like orbits within orbits, living all of them at once (ideally).

1 > 7 is a pathway into transcendence
7 > 1 is a pathway back into the body while being fully awake

The purpose is to connect you to your own inner guidance and wisdom. These are teachings to take you into states of unconditional love towards yourself.

This is how the model of 7Sacred Rhythms® relate to my offered programs.

  • Ground: Love your embodiment on Earth
  • Clarity: Peace of Mind through Meditation and Personal Transformational Coaching
  • Center: Enhance Your Leadership Presence with Personal Intensives
  • Connection: Building intimacy of the Heart with Self, Others, and the Cosmos
  • Essence: Touch Your Soul using voice
  • Synchronicity: Perception and Energetics
  • Being: Becoming Light

Devi facilitates personal coaching sessions and corporate group events to embody transcendent experiences in daily life. Contact us to find out how you can profit.

Be vibrant – Be authentic – Be free

Read, what clients say

“Devi emanates natural compassion, a peace and brilliant clarity through her voice, questions, and guidance. All of her practical suggestions were easily implemented showing immediate success. Anyone will be very blessed to be with Devi, benefiting from her skills and her ability to demonstrate true Presence. I whole-heartedly recommend her supportive services to everyone I meet.”

Liz WinterhawkWinterhawk Animal Consultations, Mt. Shasta, CA

“Devi has immensely supported me to find more clarity within as well as for my life’s path. She has helped me very much to get more easily in touch with the voice of my heart and my inner longing. Furthermore, Devi has supported me to accept and value my being with all its aspects. In and after every session I felt myself energetically lifted and inspired. Thank you very much, Devi, for your valuable work!”


“I celebrate your emphasis on authenticity. You have been helping me embody leadership and that is making a difference in my relationships and in my life. I appreciate your emphasis on authenticity. I have deep gratitude for the profound breakthrough in my movement.  Something in me broke free and I experienced movement in a way I have witnessed in another but never thought possible for myself.”

ShantiMount Shasta, CA

“My experience with Devi Prem was life-changing, and I’ve seen many healers over a 20-year period. She had high degree of skill in advanced technologies that is beyond anything I’d ever experienced… And perhaps what was most touching and effective was her purity of spirit and high degree of integrity in her work. I highly recommend her to anyone who has the opportunity for a session and/or training, and sent one of my clients to her.
Waves of Gratitude pour from my innermost heart to yours….Abundant Blessings!”

Kirti Kirtaye

“I naturally felt a high level of safety and trust in Devi’s presence. The way she combined my intentions with her approach to healing and coaching facilitated a very deep healing in my physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.”

Lisa DianeLucid Design, Ashland, OR

I am dedicated to your transformation and evolution of self and hold a high frequency for change in your life to happen.

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