Abstract and Summary


7Seeds® offer the matrix of human exists in an approachable version for personal development and transformative change. This offers the expansion of human potential.

7seeds® is a post-conventional model of human potential beyond identity drawing upon East-Western Psychology of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali and Creative Expression within Psychology. The coaching approach of 7Seeds® combines the Eastern philosophy of this ancient scripture with modern techniques of art and dance to support individuals to return to soul alignment.
The book spans mystic paths across cultures, looks into topics of awakening and self-actualization while offering practical tools for seekers and practitioners alike. 7Seeds® from the coaching perspective envelopes seven stages of identity from human embodiment to mere transcendence while offering the reader to unpack their own journey of evolution and that of their clients. The model suggests that living life on Earth can embrace all states of consciousness simultaneously. Case Studies that have been conducted, though are not part of this presentation, have shaped the model and its explanations. This book presents the basic model and its coaching approach while offering background on a path of transformation.


This book offers the basic model of the 7Seeds® and its applicable approach for seekers of personal transformation and professional coaches or healthcare practitioners. Dr. Xian offers her background in creative expression and transformative movement as applications to explore the psyche and personal identity and to discover the voice of the body with its pains and aches. With acceptance and appreciation for what is, Dr. Xian shows pathways to shift from present states of being to new desired states of being. The heart and soul are underlying companions in the unveiling of layers of taken on identities through social, cultural, or other environments.
The text takes the reader on a journey through mystic paths across cultures, diverse worldviews, and personal transformation. The key philosophy is Yoga Philosophy contained in the text the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Dr. Xian takes this Eastern approach of philosophy into a psychological perspective towards awakening and self-actualization. The language speaks directly to the reader.

The 7Seeds® are

  1. Ground
  2. Clarity
  3. Center
  4. Connection
  5. Essence
  6. Synchronicity
  7. Being

In a clear way, these 7Seeds® are lined up with human forms of existence.

  1. Body
  2. Mind
  3. Breath
  4. Heart
  5. Soul
  6. Energy Body
  7. Void

Seed 7 contains the source of all possibilities. It is seen as the source of existence. It could also be named ultimate reality or the source of light we are all connected to. It has many names in different traditions. Each of the seeds offers an entry point into transformation, self-discovery, and uncovering human potential.

Each of them is an entry point for change to expand into more possibilities of self-esteem, expression, clear decisions, and focus. The underlying principle is unconditional love, which could find expression in compassion or gratitude. The case study that was part of the development of this writing showed that unconditional love became the basis of existence for those aligning all seven seeds. This will be discussed in more detail in an upcoming book based on Dr. Xian’s research on transcendence and gratitude.

Dr. Xian Prem, Ph.D. is the author of 7Seeds® of Human Potential Beyond Identity. The concept stems from her observations with clients, facilitating groups, and her personal journey. She additionally draws on ancient mystic traditions. 7Seeds® of Transformational Potential is a guide as well as a discovery of human development beyond the average understanding of psychology. Feel free to contact Dr. Xian about sessions, resources, or any questions.

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